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Willis Dady's Mental Health & Wellness Day March 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In March of 2021, Willis Dady hosted a day-long Staff Retreat at the Palmer House Stable. As part of our Mental Health and Wellness focus, we have received a grant from International Paper to provide days of rest and relationship building with our Willis Dady team. This grant allows Willis Dady to cover staff wages, provide food, and bring in amazing coaches to lead our staff retreats. Jackie, one of our Homeless Prevention Case Managers wrote about our first staff retreat and the impact it had on her below.


For the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic had spread our meetings out over video chat, staff trickled into the same room at an event venue that was an old rustic brick building, filled with round tables and anticipation for what the day would bring. Greetings could be heard abound as everyone immediately started relishing the opportunity to chat with one another. Our host, Shannon from Endless Ocean Coaching, was emptying her bags with many goodies to accompany her lessons. Soon the day began, and it was over all too fast, but let’s focus on what happened in between.