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Willis Dady Works

The Willis Dady Works project will address two major gaps in Linn County:

1) The need for Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families coming out of or experiencing homelessness and

2) The need for low-barrier entry-level job positions for people experiencing or near homeless in our community.

The Employment Hub is an expansion of Willis Dady's Employment program. At Willis Dady Works, clients will be able to have workforce training, direct employment opportunities, and on-site business enterprises with supportive case management. If you would like to learn more about our Employment program, head over to our Employment page

Less than 40% of our clients are employed when they enter services at Willis Dady. Willis Dady Works empowers them to find a good fit for employment and supports their journey to stability.

Next door to the Employment Hub, the Chandler Pump Co. building will contain 13 units of Supportive Housing for individuals and families leaving homelessness. Willis Dady Homeless Services started our Permemant Supportive Program in 2018 to provide housing to individuals with long histories of homelessness and help build self-sufficiency through case management. If you would like to learn more about this program, head over to our Permanent Supportive Housing page

Read our press release about the project on our blog post! 

Check out our Willis Dady Works Project Details

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Willis Dady Employment Program 

The aim of the employment program is to assist in ending and preventing homelessness for every individual we serve through direct support in short-term, stable employment leading to longer-term employment and stability.


Are you looking for a new source of employees? We provide a customized partnership to make sure your workforce needs are met! 


We are currently seeking new employer partners interested in a new pipeline for diverse employees. 

Follow the link below for more Information For Employers



Questions about Employment? 

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Willis Dady Supportive Housing Programs

The aim of supportive housing at Willis Dady is to provide housing and case management to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in our community to break the cycle of homelessness and build self-sufficiency.


Questions about
Supportive Housing? 

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