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The Gift of a Meal

Did you know many community meal sites are closed during the weekend and on holidays? To ensure our clients still have something to eat, Willis Dady asks our neighbors, community partners, and generous donors to provide meals on Saturday and Sunday. Whether it is your first time bringing a meal, or you've been donating items for years, we want to share our current policies and some tips for bringing meals to Willis Dady Homeless Services.

Currently, we are asking for meals to be brought in one of two ways:

1) Three equal portions. We have three kitchens for client use at our shelter where we put your meal donations. An example of this option would be to bring three pans of lasagna, three pans of garlic bread, and three fruit trays. Our staff will be able to put one of each dish in all the kitchens for clients to serve themselves. Please bring disposable pans as we will not be able to return them to you.

2) Grab and go/sack lunch. This version of the meal is able to be placed in either the kitchens or on the lobby table for clients to grab as needed. An example of this option would be a sack containing a sandwich, apple, and chips. This option also reaches our clients staying outside of our main shelter, as they can grab a meal when visiting with case managers or getting other needed supplies.

Special Meal Opportunity: Christmas Meal