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The Five Love Languages of Volunteering: Quality Time

By Sierra Pope, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

If you’ve been following along with our love languages series, you would have already read about acts of service and gift-giving. Today we’ll be discussing quality time and how you can use it to show love to Willis Dady and our clients.

Our weekend meal program looks a little different these days because of COVID. While we can’t have volunteers preparing meals on-site and serving them to our clients, it’s still a great way to get a small group together at your own house or place of worship. You can prepare a meal for our clients on your own and then bring it to us during your scheduled time.

This allows you to get in some quality time with friends or family while also making sure our clients have access to food on the weekends when most other meal sites are closed.

Our only other group opportunity is our renovation projects. These projects support our Permanent Supportive Housing program, which helps clients with higher barriers to have stable housing and on-site case management. Renovation projects vary from cleaning and painting to work that is more technical. Because of the nature of home renovations, the availability of specific projects is limited.

These can also be individual opportunities! If you want to sign up on your own, please fill out a volunteer application at If you have special skills (flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing, etc) please state that on your application.

Want more information about scheduling a group volunteer opportunity? Call 319-362-7555 and ask to speak to Sierra or email her at

Sierra is the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Willis Dady Homeless Services. If you are interested in volunteering reach to her at, give her a call at 319-362-7555, and fill out a volunteer application at


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