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Knot Your Average Blanket

This guest blog was written by: Tyler, Ethan, and Maia Pham Would you like to be a guest blog writer? Apply today at or reach out to Sierra, our Operations & Volunteer Coordinator at

Tie blankets are a great craft for all ages. They can be made with friends and family. On average, each one takes about 30 minutes to make. They are very simple and can be done faster depending on how fast you tie and cut. Tie blankets are quite versatile and can be used for warmth and comfort.

Step One: Get two 1.5 by 1.5 yard colored fleece blankets, scissors, and a measuring tape. You can buy the blankets at a local fabric store.

Step Two: Lay out the two blankets on top of each other so that they overlap each other perfectly.

Step Three: Cut a 3 inch by 3 inch square at each corner on both layers. Then, cut strips out of both layers that have a length of 3 inches and a width of ¾ of an inch. Cut the strips around the whole perimeter of the blankets.

Step Four: Tie a knot out of each pair of strips, connecting the two blankets together.

Your tie blanket is now complete! You can donate tie blankets to animal rescues or homeless shelters! Cats, dogs, and bunnies all enjoy these blankets. Children at homeless shelters also love to wrap themselves up in these cozy fleece blankets.

Check out these tutorials for more step-by-step instruction and ideas for fleece tie blankets:

Tyler, Ethan, and Maia wrote this blog post, took photos of the process, and sent us their finished blankets all the way from California as Guest Blog Writers and volunteers of Willis Dady Homeless Services. Interested in becoming a guest blog writer? Contact Sierra at or apply today at Thank you!


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