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Healthy Homes: Maintenance

“What makes a healthy home?” What comes to mind when you hear that question? Do you think about the structure of the building, the people living in it, the items and personal belongings inside, where it is located?

That’s the question we’ll be exploring over the next several blog posts in our Healthy Homes series. In this series we’ll take a closer look at some common unhealthy components of housing and interview Willis Dady staff members to learn how you can make your home and community healthier.

But before we begin, it is important to get a baseline understanding of the topic. The definition of what Healthy Home looks like may be different for everyone, but Willis Dady believes that a healthy home is a safe affordable home that supports the health of its residents. One of the easiest ways to make your home a healthy one is to do regular maintenance checks.

According to The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s consumer action guide (linked at the end of the blog), “Poorly maintained homes are at risk for moisture, pest problems, and injury hazards.” That’s why I sat down with Willis Dady’s Maintenance Specialist, Steven Lovejoy, to learn more. Check out our interview and Steven’s tips below: