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Becoming a Shopping Volunteer

Do you want to serve in your community but just didn’t have the time? Or maybe you serve already but want to multiply your impact. We’ve thought of just the way to help you on your journey of volunteerism: becoming a shopping volunteer!

All that is required is a commitment to purchase a high-need item to donate to Willis Dady on a regular basis. Example items include toilet paper, paper towels, 13-gallon trash bags, 55-gallon trash bags, cases of water, laundry pods, pine sol (or generic), and disinfectant spray. You simply purchase and drop off or have the donation shipped to Willis Dady’s shelter (1247 4th Ave SE). It truly is that easy to help our agency and clients! s

Donations have a huge impact within our agency by providing clients with items that they are not able to purchase. We rely on donors and shopping volunteers to provide many necessities that we otherwise could not provide to our clients. For example, we can always offer free laundry services but without your generous donation of laundry detergent there is no soap to clean their clothes for their upcoming job interview. Without your donation of water, clients can only drink from the water fountain but not have any to take with them as they walk to their lease signing.

This volunteer position allows us to save our budgets for things like rental assistance, deposits, and generally keeping the lights on. Your support allows us to offer more services to clients as we empower all experiencing homelessness to build futures of self-sufficiency through advocacy, housing, and employment.

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