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Willis Dady Homeless Services AAPI Statement

Willis Dady Homeless Services is dedicated to fostering a safe community for all. Recent events showcased the disparities and injustices inflicted on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) individuals across the United States. Willis Dady acknowledges and condemns the violence faced by the AAPI community and the recent events in Atlanta. We stand in support with the AAPI community and hold space for survivors and family members of those assaulted, our community members, and our colleagues impacted by these senseless acts of violence.

Willis Dady will continue to strive to educate ourselves and our community to build a space that is diverse, equitable, safe, inclusive, and committed to racial equity. We are committed to advocating for social change within Willis Dady and our community to shift years of systemic oppression.

To learn more and join us in actively combatting Anti-Asian racism in our community visit


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