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Top Ways Homeless Shelters Help Those in Need

By the Outreach Team at Disability Benefits Center

Everyone needs housing that is safe, decent, and stable. For some of the more vulnerable people in the United States – those who have chronic medical conditions, mental illnesses, a history of trauma, or other life-altering struggles – a home can provide much more than shelter. Housing provides stability that helps empower people to get the medical care and treatment that they need to start the road to recovery and healing. Homeless shelters provide a much-needed service for members of our community in crisis. Here are some of the top ways homeless shelters help those in need.

Providing Emergency Shelter

While permanent supportive housing is the top choice for ending homelessness, many families and individuals need short-term stabilization before they can acquire a permanent residence to meet their long-term needs. Homeless shelters like Willis Dady’s can meet those needs. If you find yourself without options for a safe place to stay, homeless shelters can provide a secure and comfortable place to stay while our case managers help you look for other options.

Distributing Day-to-Day Basic Necessities

Individuals who do not have access to stable housing most likely do not have access to the day-to-day necessities that most of us take for granted. Homeless shelters usually have a feeding program that provides meals to those who stay there, and they often have a program that provides basic necessities such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, laundry supplies, and so forth. These are much-needed items to help with hygiene. Willis Dady is grateful for donors across our community that bring in these crucial hygiene supplies to distribute and donate meals to our clients! If you are interested in donating a meal, ask for Sierra when calling our main number at 319-362-7555 or email her at

Helping Individuals Apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Case managers at homeless services like Willis Dady can help individuals apply for various benefits through the state and federal governments, like for example, helping disabled individuals apply for Social Security Disability benefits. If the individual qualifies for disability benefits because of a chronic or serious medical condition, they can help you complete the disability application and gather the supporting documentation that your claim needs. Case managers are familiar with the applications and sometimes receive training that helps them learn how to complete and submit a thorough disability application packet.

Provide Help With Substance Abuse Addiction

Homeless shelters may also offer guidance for those who are suffering from substance abuse or alcohol and drug addictions. They can provide them with the necessary mental health and counseling, access to and other kinds of psychological assistance folks need to overcome these obstacles, or they may be able to help them get the care they need through a local rehab facility or treatment center. At Willis Dady, we work closely with ASAC and Abbe Health to get our clients connected to the best mental health and substance abuse resources in our community. Honesty is imperative to ensure that your needs are being properly addressed and you get access to the services and the care that you need to overcome your challenges.

Getting Help From A Homeless Shelter

Homeless shelters are assets to the communities they serve because they provide much-needed services, care, and assistance to individuals in need. They do much more than provide shelter, including services to help individuals make changes that can improve their life for the long-term. If you or someone you know is in need of shelter in the Cedar Rapids, IA area, call Shelter Services at 319-366-7999 to get connected to the best resources to meet your needs.

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This article was written by the Outreach Team at Disability Benefits Center. They provide information about disability benefits and the application process. To learn more, please visit their website at or by emailing them at

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