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The Five Love Languages of Volunteering: Physical Touch

By Sierra Pope, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

The fifth and final love language left for us to discuss is physical touch. This might be your love language if you love greeting someone with a hug and consoling them with a gentle touch on the shoulder. Physical touch can be difficult to do because of COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. However, with a little out-of-the-box thinking, it isn’t that hard to see how it can be incorporated by volunteers at Willis Dady.

We love when donors bring us donations, but we don’t always have the time to sort through them ourselves. Having volunteers who can commit to spending an hour or two in our donation room each week is extremely helpful. Volunteers sort donations including food, clothing, hygiene items, and linens. They throw in an occasional load of laundry or sort some fresh out of the dryer. If the volunteer has a car and some time, they might even be able to engage with another non-profit by transporting donations to them for better use. Becoming a donation room volunteer is a great option for volunteers who like to move around instead of sitting at a desk. They leave their mark on our donation room while being able to stay active themselves.

If organizing isn’t your thing but you still want to be able to move around, consider joining our team of movers. This on-call position helps us pick-up donations from people who can’t deliver them or relocate donations we can’t use at our site. You will be involved in a necessary job while being able to be physically engaged yourself. Reliable transportation is a must and having a truck is a bonus.

Are you interested in one of these positions? Fill out an application on our volunteer page at

Sierra is the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Willis Dady Homeless Services. If you are interested in volunteering reach to her at, give her a call at 319-362-7555, and fill out a volunteer application at

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