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The Five Love Languages of Volunteering: Acts of Service

By Sierra Pope, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

Acts of Service

First up in our love languages series is acts of service. This might be how you show love if you like to do little things to make someone’s life easier or you like to serve without the promise of recognition. At Willis Dady this could find you in a variety of volunteer positions whether with a regular or on-call commitment.

For those looking for a high-impact commitment on a weekly basis, we’re always in need of receptionists and overnight assistants. These positions serve our clients by keeping the front door secure while also creating a welcoming environment. The receptionists serve our staff by allowing them to focus on other duties instead of being distracted by incoming calls or visitors. The overnight assistants serve our staff by letting them be well-rested for the next day of work.

If you do not feel that either of those is the right fit for you, consider joining our on-call team of volunteers. This could be offering the occasional help in our donation room or lending a hand to relocate items. These positions help us stay organized and make sure our donations are where they need to be to serve our clients best. Having organized donations make our case managers’ jobs easier so they don’t have to search through piles of donations to help a client.

These are just a few of the ways you could use acts of service to show love to Willis Dady and our clients. Visit our volunteer page ( for more information. We need volunteers like you to fill vital roles at our shelter!

Sierra is the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Willis Dady Homeless Services. If you are interested in volunteering reach to her at, give her a call at 319-362-7555, and fill out a volunteer application at


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