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Volunteer to Full Time: Caitlyn's New Position!

By Sierra Pope, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

Do you remember seeing Caitlyn featured as our March Volunteer of the Month? Shortly after our feature, Caitlyn moved into a full-time position at Waypoint Services as a Diversion Specialist. 🎉

We checked in with her to see how she’s doing in her new role and here’s how she described what she’s up to: “I assist clients who are doubled up, in a hotel paid for by themselves, or someone who has received an eviction notice and will otherwise need to enter shelter. I am able to provide housing listings and potentially provide financial assistance with either the deposit or 1st month’s rent of a new apartment.” Her favorite part of her job is being able to help clients find their new place to call home. She’s able to provide referrals for many services that help with long-term, stable housing.

To recap her time at Willis Dady, Caitlyn joined us as a front desk volunteer through Kirkwood’s Creating Futures program. She knew she wanted to work in the social work field but didn’t have much professional experience. A volunteer opportunity with us was the perfect way for her get her foot in the door. She described how Willis Dady helped with her transition by saying,“I got to experience social work first hand. Willis Dady was my first opportunity to work directly with clients and be able to assist them with various needs. Everyone at Willis Dady was always ready to answer any questions I had, show me how to better assist clients, and provide insight on their personal experiences in social work.”

What are Caitlyn’s plans for the future? “Long-term, I hope to move into the Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Victim Services Team. Willis Dady was a stepping-stone for getting in the door to Waypoint, and starting a career in social work.”

Sierra is the VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at Willis Dady Homeless Services. If you are interested in volunteering reach to her at, give her a call at 319-362-7555, and fill out a volunteer application at


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