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Unleashing the Spirit of Giving: Scrooge's Winter Tale

Narrated By: Gingie Breadman, Willis Dady Winter Mascot

Week 1: Scrooge's Past: 

At the beginning of our winter tale, we meet up with a young Scrooge. He was a client staying at Willis Dady's Emergency Shelter as a child. He plays on the swings and watches as a donor brings a check to the shelter at the start of the winter season. "What would it be like to be a donor?" young Scrooge thought to himself. 

As Scrooge grew up and became successful in business, he encountered a chipper coworker who was excited about corporate giving opportunities. His coworker shared about the company matching financial gifts made to Willis Dady during the holiday season, but Scrooge responded unenthusiastically. Long gone were his goals of becoming a donor one day. He didn't care to participate in campaigns that could double the impact of his donation. In fact, he shared he wouldn't be donating at all. His coworker, an active community member and donor to Willis Dady, responded in shock in Scrooge's lack of engagement.

Week 2: Scrooge's Present

Transported to the present, Scrooge is brought to the Willis Dady Emergency Shelter. Two clients are engaged in a lively conversation about their apartment prospects. One client shares he is moving out of shelter and into a place of his own! The other talks about an apartment she toured this very day. Scrooge witnesses their positivity and perseverance as they move towards housing and stability.

Next Scrooge sees his estranged friends celebrating the holidays together and making kits for Willis Dady. "When was the last time I talked to them?" Scrooge wondered to himself. Had he become so distracted that he hadn't kept in touch with his friends? Yes, in Scrooge's determination to become successful at work he lost sight of the connections that mattered most. Not only did he not support any local organizations, but even if he did he would have no one to share it with.

Week 3: Scrooge's Future

Gingie takes Scrooge to a possible future, and he can't believe his eyes. He sees himself being educated on homelessness and poverty. Could it be as simple as picking up a book to start getting involved in advocating for housing solutions?  

In another future, Scrooge is volunteering at Willis Dady! He's folding laundry and helping clients find warmer clothing. A kind smile and a compassionate conversation can make all the difference.

Week 3: Awake and Making Change

Scrooge wakes with a start! His journey with Gingie transformed his outlook on being involved in the community. He immediately went online to donate to Willis Dady at

Look who came to shelter: Scrooge AND his friends the donors! They all met up and were able to take a picture at our sign to commemorate the moment. It is a happy ending to our winter tale!


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